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Lead Game Designer

Designed as an interactive experience for ages 8 and up I led a team of 3 designers to bring an engaging and whimsical experience to the game. For this project I designed modular interactive floating objects, an interactive carousel of classic space suits, and an interactive camera system that could be placed around the station. I also optimized all lighting systems and used static and animating decals to bring life to the station and capture the essence as described by NASA.

I continually worked with the concept artists, UX/UI artists, and 3D artists to ensure a cohesive experience for the user optimizing touch controls on tablet and portable devices. The game is filled with interactive puzzles, hidden objects, and interactive displays to allow users to have fun while learning about the International Space Station and the Astrobee robots used on the station.

Designing the Game

Taking the project from a proof of concept to interactive experience was an amazing experience. Working with the concept team, 3D modelers, and my team of designers brought the essence of the International Space Station to life.

NASA Kids Overview

The original project was a single modeled station with simple story-based quests. I was responsible for expanding the gameplay and designing the final layout of the station.

Designing the Mechanics

With a focus on the age range of 8 and up mechanics were designed to be simple and functional on either a PC or touch display. Many of the mechanics focused on the manipulation of a floating object blueprint I originally coded.

NASA Kids Suit Room 2

With a focus on balancing education and fun many portions of the game had small interactive experiences. I designed a rotating carousel that would update the UI providing information on the suit focused on. 


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