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Ash Street Render

Game Design

Plague Intro


Originally described as a point and click adventure Plague is a collaborative project that began at the Academy of Art University.

Plague Graveyard
NASA Kids Overview


Designed as an interactive experience for ages 8 and up I led a team of 3 designers to bring an engaging and whimsical experience to the game. 

NASA Kids Suit Room
The Grade Intro

The Grade

Created in Unreal Engine 4 this is a stealth level where the player must avoid the evil robots, change their grade, and escape the school.

The Grade Intro 2
Norman Rockwell Museum

Norman Rockwell Museum

Using Unreal Engine 5 and the Lumen lighting system we took a proof-of-concept project and recreated the museum as it stands today. 

Norman Rockwell Museum Hallway
Ash Street Kids Room

The House on Ash Street

The House on Ash Street is an original game idea that stems from my love of Horror films and experiences.

Ash Street Environment
Innsmouth Abandoned

Innsmouth Abandoned

Innsmouth Abandoned is an Unreal Tournament Deathmatch level created over a period of 3 weeks.

Innsmouth Abandoned 2
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