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Ash Street Render


The Full Story..... So far.

The condensed version:

Since as far back as I can remember my love of video games has been a huge part of my life. After spending a decade at Apple Inc, I made the bold decision to change directions and pursue my love of games and game development. While attending Academy of Art University I have found the tools and skills to help bring the same amazing experiences I had to others. 

The extended version:

Over the past few decades, I have acquired a collection of thousands of games and discovered that my love of video games is not only for escapism, but also the ability to tell an amazing story through interactive media. The ability to give players choices and place them into new worlds has always fascinated me. Combining that passion with my background in art and animation I noticed my collection of games, while varied, had mostly story-driven single player experiences or RPGs. 

During my tenure at Apple Inc, Epic Games released Unreal Engine 4.12 for free public use for the first time. I decided to play around with it between doing troubleshooting work and managing teams. It was daunting at first, but I quickly realized I enjoyed creating something more than just experiencing it. After months of tinkering around I made the decision that this is what I wanted to do moving forward.

As terrifying as it was, I left Apple and began to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Development with a focus on game design. Attending the Academy of Art University I was able to learn many things about making games I never imagined. I also made amazing friends in the game industry and was able to collaborate on projects I had only dreamed of working on. 

After working on projects for groups such as NASA Ames Research Group and the Norman Rockwell Museum I decided to take another step and formed my own studio. While I still enjoy working on projects for other studios, I also am working to bring my own stories to life and hope to soon release our first game. 

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